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Saving Money with LED Grow Lighting

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Electricity is one of the largest, and often the largest, expense for an indoor garden. You have to pay for lights, and for fans and AC to cool the room because of the added heat from those lights.
Sure, purchasing LED grow lights may seem expensive on the front-end, but the energy savings you get in the long-run make the price more than worth it.

Below, you'll find a chart comparing startup and energy costs of a 500 watt LED grow light to a 1000 watt HID over a period of 5 years.

We show you the energy costs for both the Veg (18 hours/day) and Bloom (12 hours/day) cycles.  6 hours of energy per day over a one to five year period amounts to a HUGE difference in the amount of energy used.

According to our chart, you should save around $775 in total after 5 years of growing with a 500 watt LED light.


Save money growing with EnergexLED grow lights

If you take the average expenses incurred during the Veg and Bloom cycles, you'll find that an initial $1500 investment in a 500 watt LED grow light easily offsets the cost associated with a 1000 watt HID after only 3 years. As time passes, energy costs will increase and LED prices will come down in the future, which will cause your ROI to be attainable before 3 years pass.

LED is the way to go!

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