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EnergexLED ILG-200



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Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for indoor plants, flowers and vegetables. Ideal for all stages of plant growth. Great for cloning, vegetative and flowering Cycles. 

  • EnergexLED lights have the highest PAR/lumen output per watt
  • 2x-3x the intensity of other lights.
  • Selectable veg/flower/boost switches plus all new proprietary one piece integrated 60 Degree high distribution focusing lens system.

Item No.: EnergexLED ILG-200
Power: 200w
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Output Voltage: 41.6V
LED Type: 3w LED Chip
Lens: 60 degree
Certification: CE ROHS
Actual Power: 120W
Output Current: 1.15A
N.W.: 3.8kh
Housing Color: Orange
Working Environment: -20-40℃
Best Time per Day: 10-16 hours
Size: 310x310x86mm
Shell Material: Iron (rust-proof)
Driver: Isolated Driver
Switch Number: 2 (One control, 2 lamps)
Color Ration: R:B:R:B:IR=9:2:3:2:2 / Full Spectrum
# of Fans: 4
Carton Size: 37x36x16cm
LED Quantity: 18x4+72pcs 3w Chip
PAR (umol/m².s): 650/50cm, 237/1,
G.W.: 4.5kg
Warranty: 2 years
Installation: Hoisting by wire rope
Lifespan: >50,000 hours

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